rlaxx TV Partners with Wurl to Introduce Exciting New FAST Channels

ANNOUNCEMENT / January 3, 2023

rlaxx TV Partners with Wurl to Introduce Exciting New FAST Channels

Partnership will bring new content partners to rlaxx TV’s global audiences

The free ad-based video-on-demand (AVOD) service, rlaxx TV, today announced a new partnership with Wurl, the leader in data-driven solutions for CTV distribution and marketing, to bring new content partners to rlaxx TV. The partnership signifies the first integration of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) on rlaxx TV.

Through its Global FAST Pass (GFP) solution, Wurl enables streamers to expand their channel lineups and increase revenue through partnerships with top content companies. Partnering with Wurl and implementing an HLS feed on rlaxx TV will offer greater flexibility in onboarding new content, and increase the amount of new content partners on rlaxx TV to bring more diverse content to its audiences around the globe in 27 countries worldwide.

“We are excited about this next great step for us, partnering with Wurl and integrating HLS on rlaxx TV, which will allow us to offer even more premium live TV content to our viewers while making the onboarding process significantly easier for new content providers”, says Ronny Lutzi, Founder and CEO, rlaxx TV.

Wurl-powered channels will become part of rlaxx TV’s innovative FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) service that combines the relaxed entertainment of linear television with the flexibility of video on demand. Content partners who are part of the Wurl network will have an effortless entry into FAST, while benefiting from the ability to customize and determine their content and determine the electronic program guide (EPG).

“We’re honored to be rlaxx TV’s first partner helping to deliver FAST channels and live events to their audiences,” said Sean Doherty, Jr., Co-Founder and COO, Wurl. “As FAST continues to grow exponentially around the globe, we’re excited to further enhance Wurl’s presence in Europe through this partnership.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rlaxx TV?

rlaxx TV is an ad-financed and therefore a free streaming service, where content is shown in linear theme-based channels of diverse content providers. Functions such as pause, restart, or watch later as well as the possibility to access an on-demand library are of course included. This means that the app combines the relaxed experience of linear television with the flexibility of video on demand. It's like television - but different!

Which content can I expect to see on rlaxx TV?

Our content is divided into channels with different genres, so that you can just simply zap to the channel that sparks your interest. We offer carefully curated channels as well as offers from content partners within our global network.

How much does rlaxx TV cost?

As rlaxx TV is financed through advertisements, our offer remains completely free for viewers. You don't even have to create an account. You only need to download the app on your smart TV and then you can start watching!

Unlike linear TV, we don't show long commercial breaks but advertisement clips that initiate a short break. We show far less ads than the classic private TV channels.

Where can I find rlaxx TV?

In addition to iOS/ iPadOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox, Roku and Android TV, rlaxx TV is also available as a beta browser version and on most smart TVs from the following brands: Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Blaupunkt, Hisense, Hitachi, JVC, Medion, Metz, Sharp, Telefunken, Toshiba, Grundig and Vestel.
Go to the App Store on your smart TV and search for the term "rlaxx". The app should be displayed immediately. Simply download it and start streaming for free and without registration!
If you should have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to contact support@rlaxxtv.com

rlaxx TV is available in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Iceland, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Kenya. Other markets will follow.